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Choo Shoes

In Fashion on January 19, 2011 at 11:12 am

Oh shoes how much I love you! Lucky enough my hubby has a thing for shoes as well. This post is dedicated for him. However I am not quite sure Choo is his style. He is more rocker extravagant style, wait until you see his long leather coat.

Tamara Mellon, the creative director of Jimmy Choo introduced the company’s new collection for men in Milan. Richard Haines worked on the illustrations, a very artful interpretation!

No surprises, Choo shoes are making a statement like the “porno paisley” brocade evening slippers and lace-ups in electric purple and leopard.

However my favourite in the bunch: the sneaker styles.

“Look, just so I can tell my friends, what this dream is about, okay? Where am I?”

In Fashion on October 20, 2010 at 9:23 pm

We were at the movies watching the previews before “Alice in Wonderland”, when they showed “Tron: Legacy” preview my husband was over the moon. First of all, it was one of his favourite movies, plus the soundtrack was by Daft Punk, his favourite band. That day we decided to watch the first Tron movie. I must say, I did enjoy it and I am looking forward to the release of “Tron: Legacy” in December.

For the release Disney has partnered with designers Jerome C. Rousseau, Hayden-Harnett, Robin Rotenier and TomTom to launch a luxury accessory and shoe line inspired  by “Tron: Legacy”. Targeting the film’s female audience, the line will include a pair of five-inch metallic platforms created by Canadian born design Rousseau. Inspired by Olivia Wilde’s female lead, the couture sandal will retail at $795.

The line will include a pair of “Tron” Long Icon Earings available for purchase at $395

I like the blend of fashion with technology, and the fusion of elegance with geekness.

My love for shoes!

In Fashion on October 11, 2010 at 6:09 pm

Since I was a little girl I loved shoes! I believe I inherited my addiction from my grandpa. I remember going with him to his favourite shoe store in Jounieh (Beirut, Lebanon) and looking at shoes. One day he came back home with two new pairs and realized he has bought the same ones couple of weeks ago.
You can never have enough shoes. I always try to rationalize my shoe purchase; new job, business presentation, party… But come on, who am I kidding? First of all you don’t need an occasion to buy a new pair of shoes and second of all your purchase should never be rationalized! Where is the fun in that?
For my birthday last week, I bought my first pair of Fluevogs (they won’t be my last pair for sure).  Did you know that John Fluevog is an actual person? I didn’t, until I checked out the brand. John Fluevog makes cool, funky, crazy and good quality shoes. Some might think that his designs are very weird, but as he puts it “No you’re weird”.  His shoes are definitely unusual, and that’s what makes them interesting and unique. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to spell the name; you are not the only one! Check out the website and indulge yourself with a pair or two or more.