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“Sweet Sissi”

In TV Shows and Movies on October 3, 2010 at 11:35 am

I was talking to my husband this morning and asked him if he ever saw “Sissi l’Imperatrice” the movie. And I was surprised that he didn’t. Could it be because the movie is in French? Or could it be because it doesn’t involve aliens, explosions or robots?

I grew up watching all the “Sissi” movies over and over again; it was my Sunday morning ritual.

“Sissi” trilogy is the story of the adventures of Elisabeth de Bavière, with her bad manners, how she became queen of Hungarian and her return to Venice after suffering from a lung problem.

The sugar sweetness, the crinolines, the music and the grandeur of the scenes is breathtaking. It is like a fairy tale in some faraway magic kingdom where every dream can come true.

Sissi is a dear childhood memory, a sweet memory!

No matter what you grew up watching, Star Trek, Robotech, Sissi or Lassie these shows bring a smile to your face and a memory of when all your worries were playtime and candy!